How was be awaited felt?

Dear you,
Do you ever think about those who is waiting for your coming?
Have you ever think how bad it is when somebody broke your wishing away?
Have you ever felt how your mood turns down and everything seems bad?

Sekiranya nggak bisa atau nggak sempet atau peluang jadinya kecil, jangan bilang bisa atau lebih parah, jangan nawarin.
Sekiranya masih lama atau masih jauh atau masih belum tau kapan terjadinya, jangan bilang “sebentar lagi”.
Kasian yang ngarepin.

What people know is just you broke it.
And when you do this repeatedly, they will ignore you and throw your words to the trash can. All you have to know that they’re tired of your drama.
This is the worse thing ever. People cant do this for you forever. They wont trust you anymore. The worse after all, maybe someday they’ll go for searching a better promise.

How was be awaited felt?
I forgot. 

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