Dear mine ♥

Dear my future husband,
I just wanna tell you about that wonderful I really want in life. You know, have a silly date with those silly guy, get married in a romantic – silly – unique way, build a cute – sweet – hommy house which is sooooo warm to live a life, have a kribo son, and so much more.
And this is the dreams ;)

The first part, it is how we'll begin..

  I would find the pinkest one (Y)


The next part after that, a place where you and me will begin to life ;)
So here we go,

I’m not that big spander =p
I don’t need that luxury house yet, you know, after the wedding, I just need you #eeeeaaa

I love this one actually <3
 or this one below,

VOILAAA! Here’s the ruang tamu :D Sweeeettttttttt <3

And this is the penghubung room between the ruang tamu and the family room,

And it’ll be so warm and cozy, our family room,

With the book shelf,

And the classic phone,

and also the PW side,

This is the cute dining room which people can see from the family room,

Woohooo! Here’s the kitchen,
 This is the important one, our ruang kerja,

We cant live without it, OUR PRIVATE ROOM,

I love this bathroom 

But I think you wont like that bathroom above ._. i guess you prefer this simple one, 

YEEEEYYY!!! This is our KRIBO’S room! /m\

and his bathroom,

And this are the rooms on the second floor,I called this, the PW side II,

 YAP! This is for the outside, cool! /m\

our tour has already finished!! YEEEAYYY! :D :D :D :D
HELLO @Ardhityo, this is for you! /m\
Study and work HARDER, dear, I’m waiting for all of this! /m\
HAHAHAHA <3 <3 <3

I love you, a much harder 

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